Land Rover Discovery Bests Jeep Grand Cherokee in Business Insider Comparison

Land Rover recently earned some attention and praise with the unveiling of the redesigned Land Rover Discovery. This revamped version gives modern styling and advanced technology to a classic nameplate. In true brand fashion, the newest generation of Land Rover brings together luxurious amenities with impressive capability.

But it's not the only vehicle on the market to offer that combination. Business Insider recently took a recent look at the Land Rover Discovery and a competitor, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, to see how they compare. According to Business Insider, the Land Rover Discovery comes out on top.

The comparison takes a close look at several aspects of both vehicles, from performance and capability to comfort and appointments. While both models have a lot to offer, Business Insider makes a strong case for the Land Rover.

"At the end of the day, the Land Rover Discovery's modern design and superior driving dynamics came out on top," the article states.

Business Insider gave the high marks to the Land Rover Discovery's exterior styling, noting its move toward smoother lines than previous generations.

"In the looks department, the Discovery is sleeker and much less conventional than its predecessors -- and the Grand Cherokee, as well," the comparison notes.

The review also had high praise for the Land Rover Discovery's interior appointments.

"Inside, the Discovery effortlessly blends style with utility. The high-quality interior materials look like they are ready to take on Mother Nature, and the gloss black accents inject an extra dose of panache."

So, if you're looking for a capable, yet comfortable SUV that's ready for your next adventure, consider a new Land Rover Discovery. You can drive one today at our dealership near Birmingham.

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