Latest Land Rover Defender Prototype Heads to Kenya for Field Testing with Tusk Trust

Land Rover announced last year that it is in the process of developing for the first time a completely redesigned Land Rover Defender model. Now well into its field-testing portion of development, the Land Rover Defender prototype has racked up an impressive list of locations where it has been put to the test.

For the latest round of field testing, Land Rover sent its rugged SUV prototype to Kenya to help its conservation partner, Tusk Trust. Carefully camouflaged for its environment, the Land Rover Defender prototype helped traverse the extreme terrain to accomplish a wide variety of goals. From wading through water to towing trailers and more, the newest Land Rover model met all of the challenges that Borana Conservancy in Kenya could muster. By the end of the phase, the fleet of prototypes had cracked more than 745,000 miles of testing.

Kenya is just the latest locale that the Land Rover Defender prototypes have visited, however. Land Rover has sent these SUVs to places like the Rocky Mountains, Arctic ice, and desert heat to make sure they live up to the high expectations that many drivers are sure to have.

The new Land Rover Defender is slated to publicly debut later this year, and it's sure to earn some attention from the media and car shoppers alike. As the release date approaches, be sure to stay in contact with Land Rover Troy to get new updates about the Land Rover Defender. In the meantime, we welcome you to explore our full inventory of other capable and luxurious Land Rover models.

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