New Range Rover Evoque Makes Strides in Complying with Stricter Emissions Standards

The original Range Rover Evoque kickstarted the luxury compact SUV movement nearly a decade ago. Since then, Land Rover has incrementally improved the model to stay ahead of the curve on multiple fronts. From performance to styling, the Range Rover Evoque has always managed to stay ahead of the pack.

With the newest model that debuted earlier this year, the Ranger Rover Evoque remains a leading luxury compact SUV in several key areas. One in particular stands out: emissions.

The new Range Rover Evoque is the first luxury compact SUV to adhere to the new, stricter RDE2 emissions tests. These new European emissions standards aim to help the industry as a whole reduce its carbon emissions, though only a few current models have managed to actually meet them so far. The new Range Rover Evoque is among these few models.

To pass these demanding tests, the Range Rover Evoque relies on some new advanced technologies. Namely, the model has a new low-friction engine design that has helped reduce emissions in the Range Rover Evoque by 90 percent since 2010. Active aerodynamics improve efficiency even further, helping to reduce overall emissions. You can even get the new Range Rover Evoque with Mild Hybrid Electric technology for even better emissions.

Emissions adherence is just one of the many ways that the new Range Rover Evoque separates itself from the competition. To learn more about this special compact luxury SUV, come visit Land Rover Troy.

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