Seasonal maintenance is a typical part of owning any vehicle, and Land Rover is no exception. From the compact Range Rover Evoque to the hearty Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover models of all kind are starting to prepare for the harsh weather of winter in Michigan towns like Birmingham.

We here at Land Rover Troy recommend a few winter preparations in particular. Taking care of these services can help you avoid headaches and hassles as the cold months progress.

You can take care the first task yourself -- putting together a winter weather kit. These simple kits are recommended for drivers who encounter winter weather frequently. In your kit, you should include items like a flashlight, blankets, spare winter clothing, ice scraper, and first-aid kit.

Next, we recommend addressing some simple maintenance. Installing fresh new wiper blades is a clear priority heading into winter, as you'll want to make sure that your windshield remains unobstructed. Give your tires a quick check -- if they're low on tread, you may want to have a new set installed before more snow and ice arrives.

Finally, it's a good idea to have your local Land Rover service center near Royal Oak and Bloomfield give your vehicle an inspection. Technicians will look at everything from your battery to your brakes and even antifreeze levels to make sure everything is in order for winter.

If you have questions or concerns about winter weather prep for your vehicle, call us here at Land Rover Troy. We'll connect you with our team of Land Rover maintenance experts who can answer all of your questions.

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