Find the New Land Rover Model That Fits Your Monthly Payment Preference

Shop for your next luxury vehicle at Land Rover Troy and you'll be able to explore your options by estimated monthly payment, rather than overall price. We provide a simple tool that lets shoppers sort our inventory by minimum monthly payment and payment type.

You already know that you can find a great selection of luxury SUVs here at Land Rover Troy. But there's more to shopping at our dealership than just a varied inventory of new Land Rover models. We go the extra mile to make sure that shoppers can make the deal they want.

For many Land Rover shoppers, getting the right deal means prioritizing monthly payment amount. It's an important consideration, since monthly financing payments have an immediate impact on one's budget planning. These minimum payments are sometimes more important than the overall cost of a vehicle.

This is exactly why we've provided our shop-by-payment page. Any shopper can sort our available vehicles by estimated monthly payments for leases and loans alike. You'll be able to sort the inventory by model, payment type, and a range of variables like down payment and finance term.

Once you find the model and payment amount that you're looking for, it's time to come visit us in person. You can take your preferred Land Rover model out for a test drive and get to know it in the real world. When you're ready, you can work with our in-house auto finance professionals to lock in the monthly payment that you're looking for.

Finding the right monthly payment is just one part of the shopping process. If you have other considerations that you would like to sort out, please reach out to our staff here at Land Rover Troy. We're here to make sure you can get the luxury vehicle you want with the financing that you need.

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