Springtime maintenance is part of the routine for Land Rover owners in Michigan. After the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures of winter, cars of all kinds are ready to be serviced by the time spring comes around.

But drivers aren't always sure where to start when it comes time for spring maintenance. Here at Land Rover Troy, we have a few routine services that we recommend for spring. Take care of these services and you'll have a great foundation of maintenance for your vehicle.

  1. Check Your Tires: Tires of all kinds take a beating throughout winter. When spring comes around, it's a good idea to take care of simple services like a tire rotation, pressure check, and wheel alignment.
  2. Install Wiper Blades: Installing new wiper blades may seem like a basic task, but it can have a significant impact on your experience behind the wheel. Once the rains of spring arrive, you'll want fresh blades that ensure great visibility.
  3. Oil Change: Routine oil changes are the staple of a proper maintenance plan, with many drivers opting to schedule them seasonally. This spring is a great time to plan your next oil change appointment.
  4. Test Battery: Checking your battery can save you a headache later. The service can tell if your battery is out of charge and ready to be replaced with a new unit.
  5. Clean off the Winter Grime: Cleaning off your vehicle can help it look better and even protect its paint. Dirt and mud can build up throughout winter, so spring is the perfect time to thoroughly wash your vehicle.

Be sure to contact Land Rover Troy when you're ready to have your vehicle serviced for spring.

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