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2019 Range Rover Sport: Sleek, Capable, and Comfortable


Refinement, comfort, and superior capability are hallmarks of the Land Rover brand. No model better demonstrates these attributes than the Range Rover Sport. This athletic midsize luxury SUV offers top quality in all regards.

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Through and through, the Range Rover Sport was designed to carry luxury SUVs into the future. From its sleek outward appearance to its tasteful interior, the Range Rover Sport gives luxury drivers what they want.

Exterior Styling

From the outside, the Range Rover Sport appears much like its larger companion. It borrows styling cues from the Range Rover but uses slimmer proportions and sleeker lines to create athletic look. Premium paint colors, black trim accents, large spoked wheels, LED head lights and tail lamps, and more bring the picture together.

Interior Features

Turn your attention to the cabin and you'll find an exceptionally well-equipped space. Every detail has been designed to reflect luxury and quality, from stitched and perforated leather seats to a huge panoramic sunroof.

Outside of these luxury features, the Range Rover Sport is also exceptionally practical. It manages to fit three rows of seats in its cabin, allowing for up to seven passengers. Those seats are flexible as well -- the two rear rows can fold in different configurations to accommodate different kinds of cargo. With the two rear seats folded down, the Range Rover Sport has 27.5 cubic feet of cargo space. Fold down just one more seat in the middle row and you've got 40.7 cubic feet to work with. With all but one rear seat folded down, you'll have 46.4 cubic feet. Finally, folding down all of the rear seats opens up 59.5 cubic feet of cargo space.


The Range Rover Sport is designed to accommodate demanding conditions both on and off road. Whether you're cruising through country roads or traversing your favorite nature trail, the Range Rover Sport will live up to your expectations.

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Land Rover has cultivated a reputation for excellent off-road performance over the years, and the new Ranger Rover Sport builds on that reputation. Its clever all-wheel drive system, high ground clearance, and wealth of helpful off-roading features make it potent performer in dirt, snow, mud, and more.

All-Wheel Drive: Power in the Range Rover Sport isn't relegated to just the front or rear axle. Its sophisticated all-wheel drive system means power can move among all four tires to maximize grip. This can be helpful both on and off tarmac.

All-Terrain Progress Control: This feature lets you set a steady pace and forget about it. You can turn your attention to steering and navigation while the Range Rover Sport maintains a consistent speed automatically.

Terrain Response: This system analyzes the current terrain and automatically adjusts engine, transmission, and suspension performance to match it. Terrain Response 2 even includes a Rock Crawl Mode.

Hill Descent Control: If you're navigating a steep grade, this feature can maintain a constant low speed and apply selective, individual braking to each of the four wheels.

Two-Speed Transfer Case: An extra low range can be boon to off-road enthusiasts. The two-speed transfer case in the Range Rover Sport can give you the low-speed torque needed for a variety of scenarios.

Low-Traction Launch: If you're moving from a standstill on a slick surface, this feature can start you off at a spot in the rev range that maximizes torque.

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Diesel V6: Diesel power in the Range Rover Sport delivers great torque with impressive efficiency. Power numbers come out to 254 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque.

Supercharged V6: If you prefer gas power, the Range Rover Sport has great options for you as well. Its available 3.0-liter supercharged V6 makes a stout 340 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque. Power moves up to 380 horses with the HSE Dynamic trim.

Supercharged V8: For many drivers, displacement is the determining factor for their engine choices. If bigger is better for you, one of the supercharged V8 engines available in the Range Rover Sport. Supercharged Dynamic and Autobiography Dynamic models get a 518-horsepower version of the 5.0-liter V8. The Range Rover Sport SVR gets a 575-horsepower version.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Powertrain: The Range Rover Sport PHEV uses an gas engine alongside an electric battery and motor to provide optimized performance.


You may be surprised by the Range Rover Sport's towing abilities. With the right powertrain and optional Advanced Tow Assist, the Range Rover Sport can handle up to 7,716 pounds of towing. Add in Trailer Stability Assist and you've got a serious towing machine.


Part of designing any luxury vehicle is ensuring it has the latest in automotive technology. The new Range Rover Sport has advanced tech features for safety, convenience, and entertainment alike.

Safety Technology Packages

the Drive Package offers several features aimed at making daily driving safer. Driver Condition Monitor can alert you if you start to display drowsy behavior, while Traffic Sign Recognition works with Adaptive Speed Limiter to help you avoid tickets.

The Drive Pro Package adds even more features. Lane Keep Assist can steer you back into your lane if drifting is detected, while Intelligent Emergency Braking can automatically slow the vehicle before a collision.

The Park Package gives you a 360-degree camera view and Rear Traffic Monitor to making parking easier. The Park Pro Package adds Park Assistance for extra convenience.

Integrated Media

Steering Wheel: Wheel-mounted controls make it easy to operate various features without distracting from driving. Best of all, control labels don't light up until they're needed.

Voice Control: Speak your instruction aloud and this system will detect it. You'll be able to request hands-free calling, audio tracks, and more with ease.

InControl Apps: This system connects apps in your smartphone to the center display screen in your Range Rover Sport. You'll have touchscreen access to your favorite applications.

Rear Passenger Entertainment: Rear passengers can enjoy entertainment via available seat-mounted screens.