Here at Land Rover Troy, we want you to enjoy driving your Land Rover vehicle for years to come, and one way to ensure that it continues to perform at high levels is to change the oil regularly. Thankfully, you can get all your future oil changes done at Land Rover Troy. We have a dedicated team of Land Rover technicians in our Service Center that will gladly change your vehicle's oil and get you back to driving in no time.

Continue reading below to find out more information about why getting an oil change is so crucial and why you should trust Land Rover Troy to perform this routine service when necessary.

Importance Changing the Oil in Your Land Rover Vehicle

Your Land Rover vehicle can't take you where you want to go without a properly working engine, and your engine can't work as intended if it doesn't have clean oil running through it. Engine oil plays a couple of vital roles in your engine. One role it plays is a lubricant for the moving parts, like the pistons, ensuring that they can smoothly glide past each other without damage-causing friction.

Engine oil also acts as a collector of harmful particles that might be floating through your engine. Once collected, the oil acts as a detergent, breaking down these dangerous particles and ridding your engine of them. Since oil can get old and lose its effectiveness, it's crucial to have it changed periodically so that you don't encounter major, costly repairs or premature engine failure.

It's Ideal to Never Skip an Oil Change

As mentioned above, engine oil can go bad over time. When engine oil gets old, it can lose its viscosity and ability to collect harmful particles floating about your engine. This deterioration can lead to friction between moving parts, which could cause significant damage to those pieces. Additionally, old engine oil struggles to collect those dangerous particles and could even start to redistribute those specks back into your engine, causing further damage to this vital mechanism running your vehicle.

Old engine oil can also lead to sludge buildup. Sludge in your engine is bad as it causes parts to stick, and it's not easy to remove, meaning you'll have a hefty bill for repairs. If you accidentally skip an oil change, bring your vehicle to our Land Rover Service Center as soon as possible. Our technicians can run tests on your engine to see if there's any damage, and we can recommend the next steps to take to get your vehicle back to peak performance.

Follow the Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Determining how often to get an oil change depends on the age of your vehicle and other factors. While older models may need an oil change more often, newer, modern Land Rover vehicles can often go as far as 10,000 miles. Luckily, you can easily find out when to get an oil change for your specific Land Rover model by checking the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual or visiting the manufacturers website. If you need assistance finding this schedule, we can help you.

Visit Us for Your Next Oil Change

When your Land Rover SUV needs an oil change, bring it to Land Rover Troy, where you'll find a friendly team of experts that knows how your model works inside and out. Plus, you'll be happy to know that it's a breeze to make an appointment with us, just visit our website to fill out the online scheduling form or give our team a call today and we can get you in our books for a date and time that works for your busy schedule.

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